Executive Director Report

Published on February 6, 2015 under Career Development Center

Humboldt County, photo by Linda GilletteFrom the CTTP Career Development January 2015 Newsletter

As CTTP enters 2015, we do so looking toward a bright and productive year.

Last year, CTTP’s Program Services Department launched the Career Development Program and the Youth Employment Program. The Career Development Program has grown exponentially since its inception with Career Developers in every region who have implemented programs to many of our sites.

Our Career Developers will continue to reach more participants at all sites through the Workplace Success Course, Work Experience (WEX) and Workshop Presentations in the upcoming year. As the Youth Employment Program enters its second year, the goal of providing CTTP youth participants with meaningful work experience is attainable. The Youth Employment team has prepared a timeline to ensure the youth participants and worksites will be ready for the summer. The Youth Employment and Career Development Programs provide an opportunity to our Caseworkers and Site Managers to enhance case management, and motivate participants.

Participants who graduate from these programs are taking a leap toward self-sufficiency and gaining the confidence needed to keep moving ahead in life. We are all here with the goal of guiding our participants to self-sufficiency. Working together, that goal is possible for every participant.

– Jeff Schueller, Executive Director

To download the PDF of the CTTP Career Development Program’s January 2015 Newsletter, click here.

Youth Employment Program, Summer 2015

Published on February 6, 2015 under Career Development Center

The Summer of 2015 will be our second year administrating the Youth Employment Program. The first year involved four sites, with four to six youth allowed per site. There was a total of 14 youth in the program. This year, the Youth Employment Program will be open to all 16 sites. We learned a lot in the first year which will help us to transition smoothly as we expand the program. We look forward to working with all of the sites and getting the youth participants employed. This year youth may begin work on Monday, June 15, 2015.


2015 Deadlines for Y.E.P.

January 30: Caseworkers hand out applications to qualified youth

February 6: Site Managers send to Sheila a list of all the youth who received an application

February 27:
Youth submit application & transcripts to caseworkers

March 13:
Caseworkers send applications & transcripts to Sheila

March 27: Sheila sends selection letter to youth. Youth apply for work permit and CA identification

May 18: Caseworkers complete supportive service requests

June 2: Youth submit work permits to Caseworkers

June 15: Youth may begin work

Site Manager Perspective

Published on February 6, 2015 under Career Development Center

From the CTTP Career Development January 2015 Newsletter

As Site Manager of the Lake County site, I was privileged to be part of the creative process with the Career Development Program. I gave my perspective from the site level as to what barriers may arise while implementing new programming.

When the ‘Workin’ with Tradition’ and Career Pillars curriculum was chosen and we had planned out how to most effectively implement the program to our participants, the Lake Site was the logical site to pilot the program. The first group of participants at the Lake Site were hesitant of what was then a 14 week commitment, and to step outside of their comfort zone.

With Kathi Hansen facilitating the course the participants found themselves not only relating to the material but also having fun with it, after the first week. As the course continued we found that participants began to become motivated, not only in course participation but also in their families’ path to self-sufficiency.

The Lake Site quickly realized that the course was creating previously untapped potential and opportunity to do what we as site staff do best with our participants, which is to identify barriers and facilitate a plan that will lead to self-sufficiency and success. One family from the first group was able to attain a job and leave before graduation of the course, others were able to use the skills gained to successfully continue on to the Work Experience Program (WEX).

As the Career Development Program has expanded and the success has spread to other CTTP sites, through the exceptional work and dedication of Career Developers: Kathi, Secunda and Melody, I am confident that the Career Development team and Site staff can continue and build upon our success.

– Matt Barnes, Program Services Director and former Site Manager

Testimonial from the Career Development Workshops

Published on January 26, 2015 under Career Development Center

“Dear Melody,

I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for inviting me, as a community member, to participate in the mock panel interviews for your participants on January 6th.

I was impressed by how prepared the participants were for the mock interview. Each participant was poised and ready, evidence of the preparatory efforts and focused trainings. Their resumes were well done: clear, concise, and current. During the interview, each participant explained their special circumstance that resulted in their not currently driving. Each explanation was complete, no excuses were offered and the discussion focused on the anticipated resolution of the situation. The grace each participant demonstrated during this challenging aspect of the interview allowed the situation to be treated factually and without emotion. The participants were confident and mindful of their strengths and assets that they could bring to a work environment. This complement of attitudes and behaviors is a testimony to your program and the “take homes” it gives to the participants.

I have participated in many interview panels during my career and have also had several interviews by a panel. There is no way, in my opinion, that a panel interview is not an intimidating situation and giving your participants the opportunity to practice in a safe environment with structured feedback is a gift. It may also serve to five the participants a window into the local job market and the types of people they may encounter in the workplace. The participants referenced the Career Development Program and aspects of it many times during the feedback discussion after the mock interviews. Clearly, the program is offering them skills and opportunities they are interested in obtaining and are of value to them. The emotional and self-esteem benefits of having meaningful “work” are difficult to overstate and the program you are offering your participants will serve them immediately and offer sustained, long-term benefit to them.

Job well done!!!”

Very truly yours,
Ann Warner