Testimonial from the Career Development Workshops

Published on January 26, 2015 under Career Development Center

“Dear Melody,

I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for inviting me, as a community member, to participate in the mock panel interviews for your participants on January 6th.

I was impressed by how prepared the participants were for the mock interview. Each participant was poised and ready, evidence of the preparatory efforts and focused trainings. Their resumes were well done: clear, concise, and current. During the interview, each participant explained their special circumstance that resulted in their not currently driving. Each explanation was complete, no excuses were offered and the discussion focused on the anticipated resolution of the situation. The grace each participant demonstrated during this challenging aspect of the interview allowed the situation to be treated factually and without emotion. The participants were confident and mindful of their strengths and assets that they could bring to a work environment. This complement of attitudes and behaviors is a testimony to your program and the “take homes” it gives to the participants.

I have participated in many interview panels during my career and have also had several interviews by a panel. There is no way, in my opinion, that a panel interview is not an intimidating situation and giving your participants the opportunity to practice in a safe environment with structured feedback is a gift. It may also serve to five the participants a window into the local job market and the types of people they may encounter in the workplace. The participants referenced the Career Development Program and aspects of it many times during the feedback discussion after the mock interviews. Clearly, the program is offering them skills and opportunities they are interested in obtaining and are of value to them. The emotional and self-esteem benefits of having meaningful “work” are difficult to overstate and the program you are offering your participants will serve them immediately and offer sustained, long-term benefit to them.

Job well done!!!”

Very truly yours,
Ann Warner